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She’s Coming Whether We Like It or Not

My penis works. So far, the only thing I know for sure in this whole child raising process is that my penis works (thank you for the applause). Other than that, I have no clue. Sure, I’m around my sisters kids and I’ve seen how they handle things, but playing with them a little or holding them for s short time was the extent of my involvement. I’ll admit it, I’ve never been comfortable around kids, especially babies. I never disliked them or anything, I was just never sure what to do with them. Now I have no hope choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited to meet our first-born. Michelle and I had some discussions and both agreed that it felt like the right time for us to try. We were also VERY excited when we found out and are thrilled to be parents.  But come on, are you ever REALLY ready? That’s the same as us saying, “We’re ready to wrestle lions.” Sure, we can start working out and reading up on the latest lion wrestling techniques, but that lion is going to be coming through those gates if you’re ready or not, and then you’re going to have to deal with shit you had no idea that lions could do. I know that’s a terrible analogy, but you get my point.

Michelle is due in a little over a month on July 28th (T minus 35 days). Leading up to then I will catch you up on what we been doing to prepare and how we (I say ‘we’ like I’m the one with the kid in my stomach) are dealing with the unexpected joys of pregnancy. After the birth, that’s when I expect the “fun” really starts. I hope this blog appeals to all who enjoy life and it’s quarks. I also expect it will appeal to all of the parents and soon-to-be parents out there, as well as those of you who plan on having them. Feel free to learn from my mistakes, I’m sure there will be a few to speak of, but none too serious I pray. By the way, my biggest fear so far is leaving the baby somewhere. I can be absent-minded, and I just picture myself leaving the kid by the front door in her car seat as I am rushing out the house or driving home from a restaurant and realizing we left her at the table.  I’m hoping to have several posts a week, if not daily, but we will see as we go.  Please subscribe (button at bottom of page) if you can so you can be notified of new posts and join me in this baby powder scented journey.  I promise to write entries that will make you laugh and/or feel bad for me.

By the way, we are having a girl and naming her Ava Marie Viola. There she is.


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I was just a guy, now I am going to be a dad. *gulp*

2 responses to “She’s Coming Whether We Like It or Not

  1. Michelle ⋅

    Love the blog honey…keep the stories coming 🙂

  2. Nana ⋅

    I just want to know when the book is coming out?? I look forward every night in reading your new blog. Always filled with truth, love and lots of chuckles… Love it Buc!!

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