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The Money Pit

I’m pretty sure places like Home Depot and Babies ‘R’ Us are just taking automatic withdrawals from our bank account at this point.  When people say, “babies are expensive,” don’t believe them.  Babies are not just expensive, they are fucking exorbitant.  $280 for a stroller, really?  $160 for a baby swing, you’re joking right?

I can’t really blame the babies themselves, they’re not the ones setting the prices for shit made out of plastic that will break within 6 months.  No, I blame the stores for the whole “babies are expensive” cliché.  We ran into this type of bullshit before when Michelle and I got married, it seems anytime you attach the words “baby” or “wedding” to anything, the price automatically doubles.

The other day Michelle and I went to USA Baby to look around.  We found a rug there we liked for the baby’s room, it was round and about 3 or 4 feet in diameter.  Just the right color and size.  We checked out the price tag….over $200.  I wanted to go to the manager and ask if it was woven out of gold by leprechauns who are given unicorns to eat on their lunch breaks.

With the help of family and the shower, we are managing not to go completely broke.  The room is essentially finished, we are just putting the finishing touches on it (I will post a picture when it is 100%).  The baby’s room was a major process within itself.  It was our exercise room, you know, that one room in your place that you keep the door shut when people are over.  Well, to make room, we had to put in attic steps (something we should have done long ago) and floor the attic as well. I had to move all the stuff from the garage into the attic, all the work out stuff from the soon-to-be baby’s room into the garage, and then had to work on the babies room.  This involved rearranging the closet (now already full with clothes), putting in a built-in bookshelf, new floor, painting, trim, floor board, chair rail, new light fixture, curtain rods, and assembling the furniture (crib, dresser, and rocking chair). Not to mention the stuff to decorate the room.  In terms of price, all of that equals…roughly…one major ass raping.

And the baby isn’t even here yet by the way.  Oh well, easy come, easy go right?

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2 responses to “The Money Pit

  1. Peter Viola ⋅

    Well done. as usual.

  2. Nana ⋅

    Well said, as usual…can’t wait to see this venue of a room that my little Ava Marie is going to spend lots of her time in.. can’t wait to see this new dig!!

    Love you guys so much…

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