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Cloudy with a Chance of Baby Shower

This past Saturday was Michelle’s baby shower, and it was a doozy.  First let me once again thank everyone for coming and especially to our families who helped make it all happen.  Michelle’s mom was especially fantastic putting everything together and making it a great memory for Michelle and I. Mostly, however, I wanted to thank my father-in-law Joe for bringing with him the best guest to the party…Mr. Jack Daniels.  Quick off-topic question: Is it bad when you refer to all alcohol as pain go bye-bye juice?  Just asking, that’s all…don’t judge me.

Back to the shower. I wrote on Friday about how expensive children are, so I must say that it was nice to bring home some free swag.  The flip side of that coin, however, is that there was A LOT of it.  It seemed the presents were stacked so high I needed a sherpa to find my way to the top of them, though that could have been the Jack playing tricks on me. We got bottles, books, diapers, a diaper bag, pacifiers, car seats, swings, burp cloths, swaddle cloths, wash cloths, cloth cloths, mobiles, soothers, high chairs, high chair cushions, booster seats, booster seats cushions, rattles, play mats, play gyms, play yards, pack n’ plays, a bath tub, bathing kits, grooming kits, first aid kits, car seats danglers, car seat mirrors, baby monitors, teethers, ‘my first’ this and ‘my first’ that, binkys, linkys, and neon zaggled noof trinkys.  (sorry I turned into Dr. Seuss for a second there)

And the food…the food.  My God the food.  There was enough to feed a standard sized army, or a smaller fatter army. From pastas to fried zucchini to sausages to sandwiches to pulled pork to cake and cookies.  It was an impressive spread.  Although, the shear size and amount of food wasn’t the most amazing thing about it.  No, in fact, the most amazing thing was that these women, these unassuming and otherwise pleasant seeming women, attacked the buffet like a well-organized pride of lions.  They examined their prey and went in for the kill hard, fast, and organized.  In their wake was left the buffet equivalent of a mauled carcase.

Once we loaded everything in my SUV, just barely fitting it all in, we came upon our next problem…where the hell are we supposed to put all of this?  The attic helps, but only certain things can go up there.  Some of the stuff has a designated drawer or shelf in Ava’s room, but Michelle and I soon came to the realization that we must purge ourselves.  We are now tasked with going through closets and making space (read: throwing out or storing in the attic our stuff that has been sitting there since we moved in and never touched).

Thanks again to everyone that attended yesterday and made it a very memorable day for Michelle.  A huge thank you also to our families that helped make the day happen and supplied the food for the masses (Cathy Malay, Joe Malay, Char Thomas, Debbie Meyer, Caitlin and Danielle Malay, and Michelle’s Aunt Bev).


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2 responses to “Cloudy with a Chance of Baby Shower

  1. Melissa ⋅

    I love how you describe the food and how it was attacked. Made me chuckle!

  2. Nana ⋅

    You make me cry .. you’re so funny.. but truth is that is exactly the way it was and how it happened! What a great time we all had! And we eat eat like pigs I must admit!! If Ava Marie only knew what was ahead ..

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