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Practice Makes Perfect

When I worry about if I am going to completely screw up being a dad or do something really stupid to Ava, I look at my chocolate lab Frasier and think to myself, “well the dog is still alive.”

“Oh my God, he is going to compare raising a child to training a dog!”  No I’m not, cool your jets. However, I do believe having Frasier has helped me prepare mentally, as well as build my tolerance to various undesirable smells and discharges. For example, how bad can changing a diaper be when I twice had to clean-up Frasier’s liquid diarrhea off the carpet. I think I can handle a little spit-up when Frasier insists upon rubbing his slobber filled mouth on my face when I lay on the couch. And as far as getting peed on, well, I pee on myself on a regular basis, so that’s just par for the course.

Frasier is also helping me prepare to get up in the middle of the night. He is nice enough to drink and eat a bunch before we go to bed so at least 2-3 times during the night I have to get up and let him out. He also doesn’t listen to me all the time, but neither does Michelle, so I can only assume Ava will follow suit.

Frasier is going to be great with Ava. He has the temperament where she can pull on his ears and tail all day and he will just want to lick her more. He is already laying in front of her crib on occasion, a habit I think will only increase when she is actually laying in her room. If she ever wants to ride him like a horse, and he is the size of a small horse believe me, he will definitely oblige her.  I think Daddy will have to put the kibosh on that however. The most amazing thing Frasier does though is that he has started laying his head on Michelle’s stomach when she lies on the couch. Now I’m not sure if he can sense the baby in her or hear the heartbeat or what, but he has become very aware of her stomach. If Michelle is on the couch and there is a sudden noise that startles him, Frasier makes sure to get up from where ever he is and position himself in front of Michelle. He is going to make a great big brother.

My fear is that they will get along too well. I can see it now. They will start working together as a team. Ava standing on Frasier’s back in order to reach high cabinets where snacks are stored. Frasier playing cute for Ava so she will give him extra treats. The both of them playing cops and robbers where they are detectives on the case of two cat burglars, which would no doubt be our cats Jade & Ozzie. Those poor cats have no idea what’s in store for them. Though, if the two of them ever get too far out of control, I suppose I could just stick them in Frasier’s crate together.


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I was just a guy, now I am going to be a dad. *gulp*

6 responses to “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. Nicole ⋅

    Dad told me Frazier left a special, smelly gift in the back seat of your car! Yikes! Frazier and Ava will be best friends, unlike you and sushi when she bit your eyebrow!

  2. Nana ⋅

    No .. you can’t compare raising a child to a dog, but the way Frasier turned out so well behaived and smart, you and Michelle must be doing something right! When they say it takes a village to raise a child, I toally believe that..from the second you where born, so many people gushes over you with love and endearment. You where raised with many people loving you, guiding you down a straight and narrow path only for success. You have been installed with so many values and talents because of your family, just to mention a get your smarts and work ethics from your dad, your love and compassion from your mom and your baking and cooking talents from your Aunt Debbie, Tata and Gram. Your hands on talents to build and create from your Tut and mother also.

    I am so proud to be your mom Mike, Ava is going to be raised by two very loving parents and a mess of loving family and friends to install in her the same values that you had in you since birth.

    The last peice of the puzzle that was missing in your life was your beautiful wife “Michelle” that you waited for a long time and now made your world complete.

    You and Michelle are going to be wonderful parents because of the upbringing you two had. The values and love that where installed in you will come out in the raising of Ava Marie. How could she turn out but beautiful and perfect with having two parents like you guys!!

    I love and adore both of you…

    Mom (Nana)

  3. Nicole ⋅

    Mom, that was really nice, but now let’s focus on proper grammar and word choice while composing a reply. It is very distracting while reading. Please work on this ongoing issue, and remember the invitation to attend any of my 8th grade grammar, vocabulary, and literature classes are always an option. It is never too late to learn.

  4. Mom (NaNa) ⋅

    Dear Perfect World Nicole…

    If you noticed my profile on Facebook…I attended a well known University known as … Char’s University…where everything is right in my world!

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