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A Top Ten…

I like top 10 lists. It’s a nice round number. Nine just doesn’t feel right and eleven is only good for amplifier volumes…”But this one goes to eleven….see that? That’s one louder.” I might do a few of these, mostly because I think they are funny, but also because I get lazy and can’t think of a better topic for that day’s post. So below are the top ten things I am probably going to be saying to myself once Ava is home.

10. Maybe if I lay here long enough Michelle will get up and handle her…I bet she is thinking the same thing about me.

9. Whatever, Frasier will just lick it up.

8. Man this stuff is expensive…do I really need two kidneys?

7. There is no way a child with my DNA would do something so moronic.

6. There is no way a child with my DNA would do something so intelligent.

5. Maybe there’s something to that whole putting bourbon on their gums thing, a little can’t hurt right?

4. Look at her playing with that little boy, they seem to really like each other. If he was 15 years older I would probably be choking him.

3. How can so much come out of something so little?

2. Thank God Ava doesn’t look like that baby. (Don’t judge, every parent has thought this at one time or another)

1. What’s that smell?


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I was just a guy, now I am going to be a dad. *gulp*

2 responses to “A Top Ten…

  1. Melissa ⋅

    I’ll admit that I have done the whole thank god Maddie does not look like that baby. HAHA

  2. Mom (Nana) ⋅

    So true.. honestly all of them at one time or another have we all thought or did at least 5 of those… LMAO…

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