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My New Worst Enemy: Part 2

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. My was filled with food, drink, fireworks, and yelling at Frasier to calm down. I’m going to continue on from my post last Friday, if you missed it you can read it here. Last week I covered cell phones and computers, two things I didn’t have growing up. Today is going to hit a little closer to home…TV and video games.

To quote Homer Simpson, “TV. My teacher, mother, and secret lover.” I loved TV, I still love TV. Probably watch it too much, however, I feel that may be coming to an end with Ava’s arrival. As a kid growing up I watched anything. Cartoons, sports, documentaries, history shows, nature shows, game shows. It was all good. I still spent my fair share of time outside or on other activities such as building model cars or drawing, but man I loved my TV time. I watched the shit out of that TV. Who could blame me with such quality programing as Hey Dude, When Boy Meets World, Wonder Years, Ren & Stimpy, animated Spider-Man, animated Bat-Man, Beast Wars, Are You  Afraid of the Dark, Home Improvement, Darkwing Duck, Doug, Tale Spin, Rocko’s Modern Life, Animaniacs, RugRats, X-Men, Salute Your Shorts, and of course The Simpsons. Bring back any memories? Now, though, I feel TV programing has taken a turn for the worse. More violence, more sex, and, worst of all, more reality TV.

MTV is the biggest worthless station out there right now. With shows like The Real World, The Jersey Shore, and The Challenge, all they show these young kids that watch are a bunch of losers living in great houses, having sex, and partying without having jobs or earning anything they have. Don’t even get me started on 16 & Pregnant. The few non-reality shows they do have always center around sex and drugs. Other loser networks include VH1, E!, and TLC. TV can be a great educational tool, but it can also turn your daughter into a whore.

Video games are not a big concern for me actually. Growing up we always had a system in the house, be it NES, SNES, SEGA, or Play Station. However, I was never really addicted to them. Actually I bored of them quite easily. My involvement with video games usually consisted of getting a new game, playing it for two weeks, then getting bored with it and not playing it again. I am still that way today, hence the reason I still only have a PS2. Though video game culture is more intense today and I plan on having a Wii in the house (or whatever the new system is when Ava is old enough to enjoy it), I don’t fear Ava becoming a human blob sitting in front of the screen all day. Mostly because she is a girl and they don’t take to video games as much as boys do, perhaps due to the fact that they just don’t make that many games girls would be in to.

I came up with a great way to get around this whole technology issue, though Michelle isn’t a fan. I wanted to raise Ava as an Amish. No technology period. Plus she could grow us food and do lots of chores around the house. She would get up at like three in the morning and plow the back 40 before we even got up. At night she could do some knitting or make us some kick-ass jam.  “Whats that honey? No, sorry, daddy has to watch the game and play on his iPad. But you run along and get that butter churned. No, you can’t watch TV with me. Well, because you’re Amish and that would be against your beliefs. Crying isn’t going to get that butter churned. Daddy needs it for his toast in the morning, so you better get going because you have to make daddy’s bread too.”


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One response to “My New Worst Enemy: Part 2

  1. Mom (Nana) ⋅

    Oh.. I can’t wait to see Ava in her little straw hat with her little blue and white dress and those black adorable “Mary Jane” boots . . but all I can think of is you sitting on that sofa watching “Scooby Do” and the house could of burned down with you not even knowing… you loved the Scoober and Shaggy!!

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