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A False Alarm

Michelle has a knack for reacting to certain things and making me think she is reacting to something else, and doing this at the worst possible times. For example, when I am driving she will be either looking at her phone or what have you, and just when I am making a turn into traffic she will exclaim, “Holy crap, Mike!” Now while she is reacting to something she is either reading on Facebook or in a magazine, I am thinking she is letting me know a semi is about to slam into the side of us, forcing me to get that panicked feeling in my chest and to slam on the brakes. Well on the fourth of July Michelle’s timing struck again.

Let me set the scene. Michelle, who is now nine months pregnant, is in the car with me as we are about to back out of my in-laws driveway after their fourth of July picnic to head to some fireworks. Just as I turn on the ignition I hear a “Oooohhhhh!” come from Michelle. I look over and I see Michelle with her arm wrapped around the top side of her stomach. Then she lets out another “Oooohhhhh!” even louder, this time almost popping out of her seat. In my head I immediately start planning the best route to the hospital. I throw my hand on the gear shift and prepare to gun it. Michelle see’s the look on my face and says, “What’s wrong?” The only thing I can vocalize in response is, “Is this it?” Michelle starts laughing.

As my blood pressure returned to normal levels, Michelle explained to me the reason for her “Oooohhhhhs” is that she was drinking ice-cold water and as she took a sip some missed her mouth and ran down her shirt to her belly. Michelle strikes again.


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I was just a guy, now I am going to be a dad. *gulp*

One response to “A False Alarm

  1. Mom (Nana) ⋅

    I’m laughing so hard!! Been there .. did funny guys.. and by the way .. I just sat back in my office chair being on the edge of it just a minute ago… yes you got me too… I want to know the second you both decide that it is time to go to the hospital.. I don’t care when, where or what time of the day.. my cell better be on quick dial!!!!!

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