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I’m Counting On You Sidney

I really need the Pens to win the Stanley Cup this year.

I want nothing more than to have a picture of Ava sitting in the top of the cup as a baby. To me, that is the coolest picture you can have of your child. Screw pictures with the grandparents, or cousins, or on top of a pumpkin patch, or even with the dog (sorry Frasier). No, I want a picture with my baby girl sitting in the same vessel that Mario and Sidney drank champagne out of. The same vessel that other hockey greats ate cereal and ice cream out of, bathed out of, and even baptized their children in.

Back in 2008-2009 when the Pen last won the cup, my buddies and I had the chance as season ticket holders to have our pictures taken with the cup. It was great. One thing I remember most is seeing all the dads there with their babies and being able to place them IN the cup. I said to myself right there that that’s the exact picture I want with my kids. And that’s the great thing about the cup. When a team wins it, it is truly the towns trophy. The entire city can celebrate with it. They can touch it. It’s not just some object that only the players will ever touch and maybe some day you can see it behind glass. The Stanley Cup has been touched by more people than Lindsay Lohan. The Steelers will never allow fans to come and handle their Lombardi trophies. When’s the last time you seen a bunch of fans around a World Series trophy and holding it? Never.

A buddy of mine, who shall remain nameless and is probably reading this, had the chance that day we went to see the cup to have his baby daughter sit in the cup (note to friend: you had to expect that I would mention this as you were reading). But he never thought to bring her, and me and the third friend that was there never let him forget it. I’m sorry, he’s a terrible father. That is a clear-cut case of neglect and his daughter should resent him for it. I don’t care that he works hard to provide for her, and makes sure she has the best of everything, and makes sure she is educated, and blah blah blah. She’s probably going to grow up a Red Wings fan just to spite him. (I owe you a drink for using you as fodder for my blog) 

So everyone please root hard for the Pens this season and lets all pray they don’t have the injuries this year as they did last. Michelle is probably reading this thinking I’m an idiot, but what else is new? And hey, I’ll say it, maybe even the Buccos will win a title and Ava can still at least be a championship year baby.


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2 responses to “I’m Counting On You Sidney

  1. Michelle ⋅

    Haha, you read my mind with that last paragraph husband…but I love you anyway, despite your insane obsession with almost every sport out there…let’s just say that the first two thoughts that run through my head are not wrapping her in a terrible towel, or sitting her in the Stanley Cup…but then again, I’m not her dad. Love you.

  2. Nana ⋅

    Gee thanks son for not wanting a photo of me and my grandbaby together… 😦 lol… I totally understand the love between you and hockey… you better just hope she loves sports as much as you do… but then again.. how can she not.. growing up in a family that are true fans of Pittsburgh sport teams… I can’t wait to buy her first Steeler T-shirt !!

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