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I’m going to love Ava no matter what and I am sure she will be the most beautiful thing I will ever see, but if I could, there are a couple traits I would make sure she either possess or not possess from each of us.

For the things I wish she will inherit from us would be my sense of humor and Michelle’s heart. I hope she has a good sense of humor because it really can help you get through life. Life can be a bitch and a good sense of humor lets you see past the misery of a situation or lessen a devastating impact. Humor can be a defense against horrible people and their horrible words. It gives you thick skin. The way I see it, God wants us to laugh. If he didn’t, then he would have never made farts sound or smell like they do.

I really hope she get Michelle’s heart. By this I mean a good soul and selflessness. Michelle is always looking to do things for others. Whether it is helping needy animals or buying a gift to say ‘I love you’, she is very considerate. I want Ava to live that way. Too many people today are just looking out for themselves, I want Ava to contribute to society. To make an impact. Socrates once wrote, “It is not living that is important, but living rightly.” I love quotes like this, because they are true and they break down what is really important in life in an understandable way. I know lots of quotes like these I am preparing to say them over and over to Ava, hopefully some of them will stick.

Now for the things I hope she doesn’t get. From me, two things. My temper and my big nose. My temper has simmered over the past few years, but growing up it was a volcano ready to explode at any moment. I would break things or say things in anger and immediately regret it. It is no way to act and makes you appear uneducated. As for my nose, it looks OK on me, but a girl…yikes. 

There is only one trait I hope she doesn’t get from Michelle, and Michelle agrees with me on this. Flat feet. They are a bit of a curse for girls. Hard to wear certain shoes and not the most flattering look either. I have perfectly arched feet, thank you, and so does most people in Michelle’s family. So I am hoping it is a recessive trait. Michelle will never forgive herself if Ava has flat feet. To be honest with you, I don’t think I would ever forgive her either. Our poor child, out on the streets, flat-footed and never able to properly wear heels. It would be a travesty.


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