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July Outside, February Inside

One of Michelle’s favorite movies is “Father of the Bride II”. If you never seen it, I’ll give you the .10 cent recap. Steve Martin’s character, George Banks, deals with his newly wed daughter AND premenopausal wife being pregnant at the same time, all under the same roof. What a zany story, rest assured Steve Martin falls down a lot. I can’t wait until ‘Father of the Bride: III’ where Steve Martin’s son comes home from college with his new boyfriend Phillip and shows Steve Martin’s character what a Double Chocolate Thunder Creampie Snowball is.

Anyway, a funny scene in the movie is when there is a heat wave and the two pregos turn the thermostat down so low, Steve Martin has to wear a coat inside while the women still complain of the heat. This is  now my life. Not joking. I literally have to cover-up in my house. It is 95 plus degrees outside and I need a blanket to be comfortable in my house. Meanwhile, Michelle will fall asleep on the couch and wake up complaining about being hot. I am not joking or exaggerating at all when I state that I shiver in my house. I have to lay next to Frasier in order to keep warm. It will be a miracle if our central AC unit doesn’t explode.

We got our electric bill recently and it was more than double the previous month, and that wasn’t even a full months worth of AC. I am afraid to see my next bill. Michelle puts it in great perspective for me though. She asks me what is better to deal with, a high electric bill for a couple of months or an overheated, extremely agitated pregnant woman who is nine months pregnant? Electric bill wins.


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One response to “July Outside, February Inside

  1. Mom (Nana) ⋅

    Funny you mentioned that movie… just watched it the other day. That was Nicole’s fav movie when she was a young girl.. she loved the part where in the first movie the daughter played basketball with her dad all dressed up but in tennies, Nicole I think can relate to that with beautiful and funny memories of her basketball days with her father. But you and Ava Marie will make all your own beautiful memories together. I must tell you that I can relate to your household tempt though. Scott loves it about 45 degrees in the home and I like it about a nice even flow of 68 degrees and this is all year around.

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