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Sleep Is Over Rated

Whoever said that you needed a solid eight hours of sleep every night must have been a lazy person. Phewy. Eight hours. Give me three solid hours and some coffee and I am good to go.

I remember when I used to get six to eight hours of sleep every night. What a waste of time, just lying there, doing nothing. Instead of lying in our king-sized bed, under our down comforter, and atop an overstuffed pillow-top mattress, I could have been up at 3:00 a.m. watching TV or staring blankly at a wall. Ava has shown me what I was missing. She has already made my life so much better, because now instead of drooling on a pillow I watch reruns of ‘Family Matters’, or Steven Segal movies, or ‘Bridezillas’, or any number of infomercials (my favorite).

Compared to Michelle though, I am Sleeping Beauty. Michelle is not only up when I’m up, but she is up several other times too in order to pump. She puts in a solid couple hours a night. That’s hardcore. Did I mention she is also finishing her graduate work? Because she is. Last night she stayed up until well past 3:00 a.m. typing a paper. So here is Michelle. Coming off a major surgery. Home with a kid. Finishing her graduate degree. I assumed she was a superhero, but when I looked in her closet I didn’t find any capes. So this leads me to believe she is one of two things. She is either incredibly dedicated or a coke addict. Our bank account isn’t drained (yet), so I assume she just has an over sized work ethic.

In actuality, Michelle and I are still adjusting and trying to come up with a night schedule that works. Since she is home all day with Ava, I try to take Ava off her hands as soon as I get home and watch her the rest of the evening. This allows Michelle to get some school work done and then fall asleep on the couch for a few hours. I stay up until midnight or 1:00 a.m. with Ava before putting her to bed for good. I usually try to put her to bed before that, most times to no avail. Plus she is due for a bottle around midnight anyway, so I don’t bother to try to catch any sleep until after 2:00 a.m. This is because after her bottle I have to burp her, and change her, and give her some medicine for her gas and congestion. Then I have to sing to her to get her to doze back off. This all usually takes a solid hour or so. I then go to bed, along with Michelle, sometime after 2:00 a.m.

Ava usually gets back up around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. Michelle will get up and take her and let me sleep. If I’m up, and feel guilty enough, I will get up too to feed Ava while Michelle pumps. I will hand Ava back off to Michelle and go back to bed while Michelle burps her and rocks her back to sleep. Ava usually isn’t up again until 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. At that point I am off to work and the cycle starts all over.

Sleep is for the weak and lonely.


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I was just a guy, now I am going to be a dad. *gulp*

3 responses to “Sleep Is Over Rated

  1. Char (NaNa) ⋅

    Sweetie.. all I can tell you is times that by 3..(Nicole, Dana and you) and welcome to parenthood..I did it, our parents did it..and we all got through it..but you guys are doing a terrific job at it. When I come over 2marrow hopefully Michelle can finish her school work and take a nice long nap until you get home. I can stay with Ava and you two should go out for a nice dinner date then both of you should lay down before the “Ava working factory” starts up again for the night shift. Love you guys!

  2. Nicole ⋅

    Sounds like the life of every other person who has children, join the club…

  3. Char (NaNa) ⋅

    Boy.. don’t look for too much sympathy But if it makes you feel better .. they do start sleeping through the night at about 3 months.. and myself with my kennels..the fur kids go to bed around midnight (last potty break outside), and they are back up again around 5:30am for first potty break of the day! So I agree.. sleep is over rated!

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