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Frasier and Ava Are Like Peas and Carrots

After “How is the baby?”, “How is she sleeping?”, and “How are you guys holding up?”, the most often asked question we get is “How is Frasier taking to the baby?”

The answer to that question is “great!”. Frasier is a very special dog. Michelle and I consider him our first child. He shows emotions and has facial expressions that communicate what he is feeling better than some humans can. He is loyal, gentle, smart, loving, and goofy. Growing up my family had a boxer named Zetta. I always called her the best dog I have ever seen. Frasier is fast approaching that level. If anything ever happened to him I would be devastated. If anyone ever tried to harm him I would do to them what Marcellus Wallace did to Zed in Pulp Fiction. Getting that dog is one of the best decisions we ever made, I couldn’t imagine my life, or our family, without him.

With that being said, that is the exact reason I was very nervous about bringing Ava home. There was no telling how Frasier would react. He was used to receiving all the attention, spoiled more than any other dog I know. Now I wasn’t afraid that he would be aggressive or snip at Ava. What I was afraid of was if he would be ornery and misbehave, and do things like chew furniture, pee/poop in the house, bark too much, etc. These are all things I heard of other dogs doing.

Fraz giving tootsie kisses (click for larger view)

So the day we brought Ava home, I had to pick the Fraz-Man up from Camp BowWow where he was staying while we were in the hospital. I brought one of Ava’s blankets with me for him to smell and get to know her scent. When we came in, Michelle had Ava in her carrier and Frasier sniffed her. A couple of times we had to pull him back because he got too excited and doesn’t understand his own size and strength. However, after a few hours Ava was old news and he started to pay attention to other things again.

Frasier checking on Ava with Mommy (click for larger view)

It seems though that each day he has a better understanding of what Ava is and what she is to us. He is always very gentle with her. When she sits in her swing, he will walk by and peak in, give her a lick on her feet and then go about his business. When Ava starts to cry while in her swing, he is usually the first over there, looking very concerned about why she is crying. When we change her downstairs on the couch, he will sit on the other side and lick her head as she fusses. At night he will sometimes lay in her room and he always gets up with us for the nightly feedings. Every now and then he will lay in a corner somewhere and look pathetic, this is to let us know that he is sick of watching us hold the baby and wants some attention of his own. We oblige him.

Frasier is a great big brother (click for larger image)

As Ava grows, she can tug on him and climb over him all she wants. Frasier won’t bat an eye. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog for Ava to grow up with. It will be fun to see what Ava calls him as she starts to talk. She can add to his already long list of nicknames, including: Fraz, Fraz-Man, Frasier Fudge (courtesy of my brother-in-law Jay), the fudge man, Fraz-ma-taz, Frazzy (pronounced ‘Fra-shee’), the big man, the big galute, punk man, Bubbaloo, and Frasier Fudge Prince of Pittsburgh (his official AKC registered name).

My first two kids (click for larger image)

Quick funny story, Ava’s belly button scabby thing fell off the other day. Michelle said throw it away, so instead I left it on the window cill in her room, next to the changing table. Well a few days ago I was fumbling around changing Ava and somehow knocked the scabby thingy off the cill and onto the floor. Frasier took no time at all finding it and eating it. It sounded crunchy.


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3 responses to “Frasier and Ava Are Like Peas and Carrots

  1. Michelle ⋅

    To begin, you didn’t tell me about the belly button thing~ that’s disguisting. Secondly, you forgot Bubaloo as one of Fraz’s nicknames…and lastly, I agree, Frasier is the best dog ever. I know he’ll be excited to see you today and go to BW…Ava was pitching a fit this morning because she was all stuffed and of course disapproved of the aspirator…after about 2 minutes of nonstop, lung-piercing screaming, Fraz jumped up on the couch, laid his head down on top, and just stared out the window with a pathetic look on his face for a good minute or two. I said to him, “I know buddy, I feel your pain.”

  2. Char (NaNa) ⋅

    Ahhhh.. Ok Mike .. I’ll keep it short.. all I have to add is “boy .. life is all good at the Viola’s home”… and now I have to say that last year I have rescued over 100 unwanted dogs that where headed to kill shelters.. I would say half of those unwanted shelter dogs where products of new parents saying “We just had our first baby and we have no time for this dog we have of 8 years or more”.. now can you imagine having Fraz for over a year now and telling yourself that you have to get rid of him because of Ava coming home??? I never could understand that thinking?? Dogs and Babies go hand and hand with growing up.. I had 3 babies and always multipule dogs for the kids.. Ava will grow up loving and caring for Fraz as he does care and love her now.. Oh I knew I couldn’t keep it short.. sorry son…

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