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New Parent Syndrome

Michelle and I are sick…mentally…more so than usual. Like most first-time parents, we have come down with a doozy of a case of ‘New Parent Syndrome’.

From the time Ava was born, every cough, sneeze, whimper, gurgle, cry, blotch, scratch, mark, rash, off-colored poop, and frown was over analyzed as a possible life threatening event. A typical conversation would occur as follows:

“Look at this. I don’t think she should be doing that/have that/smell like that/look like that”

“Is that normal?”

“I don’t know. Can’t be right, can it?”

“Hell, I don’t know. Call the doctor. That’s what they are there for.”

“But we already called a couple of times this week. I feel stupid.”

“You will feel even more stupid if we have to rush her to the hospital later.”

Ava’s biggest and ongoing problem right now is congestion. Her nose gets partially stuffed a few times a day. To combat this we spray a saline mist up her nose and use an aspirator to suck out the snot. As you can imagine, Ava is not a fan of this. It really is troublesome when we try to feed her and she tries to drink and breath out of her mouth at the same time.  When she does that, she lets out some big gasps and it sounds terrible. The first time she did that was a week or so after she was born. Michelle and I rushed her to a pediatric emergency place, sort of like a MedExpress for kids. The doctor there said it was normal. At Ava’s first couple of check-ups, we voiced our concern about the congestion. They, meaning her pediatrician, told us it was normal and would clear up in time. We didn’t like that answer so we switched pediatricians (amongst other reasons). We went to her new pediatrician, who we like a lot and feel comfortable with, and voiced our concerns about the congestion. They told us it was normal and would clear up in time. We had the doctor (who is great) check her nose, her chest, her lungs, and her throat. All normal. “But it feels like it is in her chest,” we told the doctor. “That is normal to think that, but it is not, it just feels that way,” he told us. We told him about some marks on her skin. Those are normal birthmarks he told us. Her tongue is white we said. That is normal he told us from the milk. She seems too gassy we said. He told us that is normal. There is a mark on her upper lip we said.  That is normal from bottle feeding he told us.

You see the trend. No matter what we TRIED to find wrong with her, the doctor insists that we have a perfectly healthy baby. As for the congestion, we just keep to the spray and aspirator a couple of times a day until it clears up in a few weeks hopefully. As a parent, it is VERY important to find a pediatrician that you are comfortable with. We only had to make one switch, but I know parents that made a few switches before they were happy. Babies seem very fragile, but they are surprisingly durable we have come to find out.

SITE NOTE: Sorry for the week delay between posts, been very busy. I am trying to post at least three times a week. I am quickly finding out that every day is just damn impossible. I am leaving for vacation this Friday. I will try to post down in OBX, but don’t hold your breath. OK? OK.


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