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Beach Bums

We just came back from our first family vacation and Ava did great. We took lots of great pictures and I will have them posted up here as soon as I download them onto my laptop. For now I will give you a quick overview of our trip.

As many of you know, we headed down to the Outer Banks with Michelle’s parents and her sister Danielle. It’s great to take vacations with built-in baby sitters. They come in handy when, say, you would rather drink heavily than deal with a crying baby.

First, the drive down there. Usually it takes around 8 1/2 hours or so. The drive is a little over 500 miles. I was worried about two things. The first being the busy highways. I usually have a heavier foot, but with Ava in the car I did around 70 mph and stayed in the right lane. My second worry was Ava in her car seat. Would she be OK in that seat for over 8 hours? Would she fuss? Would she cry at the top of her lungs for four straight hours? Turns out she was fine and slept almost the entire way. We only had to stop twice to feed her, once having to wake her up. Our motto was, “If she is sleeping, we are driving.”  This meant no stopping for us. That plan worked great as we only added an extra hour onto our trip. On the way back home, Ava slept about half the time and was fussy the last three or four hours. We did a couple more quick stops but still made it home in around the same time it took us to get there.

We had a big scare on the drive back home though. As a big truck was passing us, his tire blew and it sounded like a shot-gun blast went off right by my ear. Rubber went flying and some pieces hit my car. Everybody was OK, but it could have been a lot worse. Very scary. The rest of the way I tried my best to stay away from trucks. The highway is littered with their blown tires. They need to be better maintained. As for the driver of that truck who just HAD to pass me, I say, “F*#k you, you prick!”

At the beach we had Ava under several layers of protection. She looked like one of those kids that have to live in a bubble. We had her in a little sleeping tent, which was under an even larger sun dome. Both were UV protectant. She also always had on a hat, long sleeves and leggings. She slept most of her time at the beach, which was usually only 2-3 hours. Every time we went to put her feet in the sand or ocean, she would make a poutty face and lift her feet way up in the air. She will learn to love the beach.

Daddy and Ava at the top of the lighthouse

At just around six weeks old, Ava can cross climbing a lighthouse off her bucket list. In Corolla where we stay, there is an awesome lighthouse called the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. It’s one of the biggest and oldest lighthouses in the country and Ava climbed all 200 feet of it and stood at the top. Well, daddy climbed all 200 feet of it with her strapped to me, but she still stood at the top. I think that’s pretty impressive for a baby that isn’t even two months old yet.

That’s all for now. I will go into greater detail later in the week as I get photos uploaded and will do a little photo journal. All I can say is that it was a very successful first vacation for our little family. It will only get better in the years to come.


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