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Growing Like A Weed

Ava is 8 weeks old at this point and it is scary how fast she is growing. Being with her everyday, it is hard to see exactly how she is progressing in her growth. Sure, we have been keeping up on her weight and length, but those are just numbers really, you don’t apply them to actual sizes. Michelle and I took a good look at her the other day and compared her to when we brought her home. It amazed us how much bigger she is. Now, she isn’t double the size or anything like that, but she is just much more fuller than when she was first home, and longer too. She loves to stretch her legs and when she does you get good idea of how long she actually is.  Ava has already outgrown a basket full of outfits, many she only had a chance to wear once or twice.

She is also much more solid.  When Ava was first-born, I felt she was so fragile and tiny that I was afraid to do anything that could harm her, which in my mind was essentially anything. These days, just weeks later, she is just more durable feeling. At first if I was holding her, that was all I was doing. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t talk. I can’t do anything besides hold her with both arms and I needed all of my concentration to do it. Now, I toss her over my shoulder like a baby satchel and do any other task that needs done. This is probably mostly in my head, but I feel there is more heft to her. Granted she has grown by a few pounds since her birth, but it’s not just a weight issue. She just feels more solid. Like if I dropped her, as long as I caught her on the first or second bounce, she would be fine.

There is that old saying that kids grow too fast. I never paid too much attention to that. Actually, I used to say that I looked forward to her growing a bit to the point where she was less babyish. By that I mean where she can hold her own head up and start to play with toys or interact with us. Though, I must say, seeing her fast progress, I no longer feel this way. Now I have a more “pump the brakes” attitude to her growth. Before I know it she will be too big for me to hold anymore. Last night I was slumped in the couch. Ava was laying across my chest with her head resting against my shoulder and neck. What a feeling it is to feel her heart beat, to hear her breath, and to just have some quiet time with my daughter as she slept peacefully on me. Every now and then I would kiss the top of her head and tell her I love her. She is only going to get bigger and I will miss being able to have those times with her and be her bed.

I must say though, there is one HUGE benefit of Ava growing and developing as she hit a great milestone. Ava slept all through the night last night. Nearly seven hours. We put her to bed a little after 10:00pm and she didn’t get up until after 5:30am. That is over 6 1/2 hours!!! I woke up around 3:00am, the time she usually is up for a night feeding. I checked the video monitor and Ava was peacefully asleep. I thought to myself maybe she was TOO peacefully asleep and snuck into her to room to be sure she was still breathing. Sure enough she was, so I decided to not poke the bear and let her sleep. My brother-in-law Jay told me the number one rule in parenting is never wake a sleeping baby. That is a good rule. I followed it and got a couple extra hours sleep, as did Michelle who was up late working on grad-school work. The instructors in those baby classes we took said to wake the baby for night feedings if you have to. That’s easy for them to say. They told us a lot of things. I took the ‘gamble’ and Ava is still with us. Now will this trend continue is the question. Shaking the magic eight ball in my head, sorry to say I think it comes up, “Very doubtful”.


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