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Ava is Blinged Out

When Michelle and I are out in public with Ava, we get a lot of people (a.k.a. strangers) just randomly come up to us and tell us how cute and beautiful Ava is. Though I like to think Ava is that special, Michelle tells me that this is a regular occurrence for any couple out with their baby. The point is, some people would still ask if she was a girl or boy. Pricks, right?

One other quick point is that it is mostly old people who will stop you and want to look at the baby. I think they are hoping to contract some ‘youth’ from the baby. You know, maybe breathe something in and give themselves a few extra days they didn’t have. Just my theory. Annnnywaaaaaay.

Michelle once again informed me that she could understand their confusion as she doesn’t dress Ava in head to toe pink and usually has a cap on her head, so at first glance it could be hard to tell. My response to that was usually a description of some violent act I wanted to carry out on their face.

Michelle’s solution to this dilemma…earrings. She also justified it with saying that she needed to look as pretty as possible for her upcoming baptism.

Ava had her two month check-up where she got a round of vaccinations, including tetanus. The very next day we went out to get her ears pierced. I knew this day would come. It makes sense to do it when they are this age so they never remember the pain. I even contributed to putting holes in my daughters head as I bought her a set of diamond earrings for her birthday (actual day of birth gift) and had Michelle open them in the hospital along with her push-gift.

However, I wasn’t prepared to actually be there when the piercing happened. It’s sorta like eating a good steak. I highly enjoy the end product, but I don’t want to see how it got to my plate. Believe it or not, there are very few places that pierce a baby’s ears. We went to a Piercing Pagoda. Our only rule was that if there was some dumb looking teenager there, we would pass for another day. Unfortunately, when we approached, there was a capable looking woman. Damn.

As Michelle and the woman discussed the piercing process and picked out studs, I was picturing pints of blood coming out of my kids head as she cried. I also couldn’t help but also picture the pouty face she would no doubt make as the needle-gun punctured her ear. Just thinking about it was enough for me. I looked at Michelle and told her there was no way I could be there when it happened.

As she took Ava around the counter, I walked down the mall. A few moments later I heard the familiar sound of a Ava’s cry. It was done. By the time I returned Ava had already stopped crying and was peacefully sleeping. What a trooper. I took it worse than her.

Now there is no mistaking she is a girl, a very beautiful one at that. The earrings did make her look that much more precious, if that was possible, for her baptism too. I told Ava that for being such a trooper after getting her shots one day and then her ears pierced the next, I would get her a car on her 16th birthday. I am hoping that gets forgotten with the pain.


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