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Smile and the Whole World Smiles…

Over the past few weeks, Ava has been doing a bunch of new stuff. She is three months old and is now able to lift and control her head. She has discovered her hands. She can see further and has become more aware of her surroundings. In a less cute development, her salvation glands have started to really kick in and drooling has become a problem.

However, without a doubt, the best development has been the emergence of a little laugh and giggle. Ava, so far, has been such a great and well-tempered baby. She has had a few bad days where she refused to be put down, cried a bunch and refused to eat. That is the exception though.

Ava is now sleeping completely through the night, usually giving us around 7-8 hours, so we are much better rested. We wake up every morning and head into Ava’s room where we find a baby that is smiling, playfully kicking her feet and swinging her arms around. Michelle will start to sing Ava her ‘good morning’ song and Ava’s smiling and kicking goes into overdrive. I never thought I would look forward to my mornings so much.

Ava at 2 months

The best part though, is hearing her giggle. It sounds so cute I want to put it on my iPod and listen to it on a loop. Combine her laugh with her ridiculously adorable smile and she has me wrapped around her finger for life.

What is very interesting to me though is all the different facial expressions she has. Of course there are the happy face, the sad face and the sleepy face…those come standard. The ones that I really get a kick out of are the “what the f*#k are you dong” face (where she gives you the stink eye), the “I’m about to poop” face (where she makes a face that looks like she is ashamed of something), the “what the hell was that?” face (where she looks surprised after she just puked/burped/farted), and the “most pathetic face ever” face (when she really wants to be dramatic, complete with quivering lip and super poutty face).

Michelle and I have also went through some changes with Ava. Michelle is rapidly loosing her baby weight as planned. I am loosing my “baby weight” at a much steadier pace. Mostly though, we have lost our fear of taking her places. When we first brought her home, we were almost afraid to go out anywhere with her at all. One of us would stay home while the other went out and got whatever we may have needed. Now, Ava has logged a lot of miles. She has been to Outer Banks and climbed a lighthouse. She has been to my grandparents camp several times up Conneaut Lake. She is also a regular at shopping malls, grocery stores and parks.

Frasier has also become her riding buddy.One of my biggest dilemmas before she was born was figuring out how we would have them both in the car at the same time. Frasier loves the window and would pace from side to side in the back seat, putting his head out both windows. I thought I would have to put him the trunk area of my SUV, where he can’t use a window. However, it turns out having Ava in the back has made him better in the car. He sticks to his one side, sitting nicely with his head out the window, and will only lean into her car seat when she cries to give her a kiss.

Great baby, great dog, great wife, great life.


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One response to “Smile and the Whole World Smiles…

  1. Michelle ⋅

    Great post Michael V, it brought a smile to my face. In the words of you and your dad…We are truly blessed.

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