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She’s Italian, So Of Course She’s Catholic

This post is a bit after-the-fact, but back about a month ago (10/9/11) Ava was officially baptized into the Catholic church, thus ensuring Michelle and I having to hear her complain in a few short years about how much she hates going to her CCD classes. Ah, the joys of a Catholic upbringing.

My personal philosophy is to NEVER get into a debate with someone regarding politics or religion. These arguments usually consist of the two parties just yelling at each other, not really listening to what the other has to say and resulting in additional resentment for the other’s views rather than a mutual understanding.

What I will say on this topic is that I do believe religion is an important thing to have and can be very helpful in one’s life. Is it essential? No. I know plenty of good people who don’t consider themselves “religious”. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or Muslim, the basic message is essentially the same. Do unto others, be charitable, help your fellow-man, etc. Some good basic advice to help you from being a prick. You just have to look past the boat full of animals stories and instead take them for their underlying message.  Personally, I feel attending church has helped make me a better person by becoming less selfish, more forgiving and loving, and really helping me get through the hard times in life. This is something I would like to share with Ava and feel it will help bond us as a family. Plus we would never of heard the end of it from our families if we never baptized her.

Ava in her baptism gown

Any who. The baptism was a small family affair. Michelle and I are getting really good at planning and hosting events. Ava was baptized at St. Joan of Arc church by Fr. Phil, a great priest. Due to my degoness and love for the Godfather, I thought about having people killed as Ava was getting baptized, but I just didn’t have the time to get that set-up (see the movie if you don’t get the reference…loser).

The luncheon was held at Brentwood Fire Hall. A great and affordable venue that is newly built and includes a big-screen TV. God forbid if people missed the Steeler game for my daughters baptism…who am I kidding, I was happy about not missing the game. As usual, we had an overabundance of food. Sandwich rings. Cheesy potatoes. Greek salad. Baked ziti. Anti-pasta salad. Fruit salad. Tomato salad. Baked sausages. Fresh Italian bread. Cake. Cookies. It was quite the spread, but that’s, ah, how we roll (pops his collar and gives a douchie grin).

More important than the venue, the food, the booze, the cake, the church, the everything was Ava’s dress. Michelle wanted Ava to have something special to wear and she found it, in all places, in Linesville, PA where my grandparents have their camp. Linesville, if you are not familiar, is by Conneaut, PA and is where Pymatuning lake is. It is a very small town with, I am not kidding you, one street light. Their population is only around 1,000 people. they are famous for their Spillway, “where the ducks walk on the fish,” or as my family puts it, “where the ducks shit on the fish.”

Ava in her after-party dress...ready to mingle.

Anyway, they have a cute little main street area where recently some nice little shops have opened. Michelle’s favorite is a shop called “Treasured Gifts“, a cute little county boutique. There she found an amazing, hand-made gown. Nothing like you could find in a store here. We actually had to make a special trip back up there (4 hour drive there and back) to get it because Michelle was unsure about buying it the week we were there because she thought it was a little pricey. However, after seeing how much stores in Pittsburgh were asking for lesser garments, we realized it was actually a good deal. Plus, I couldn’t help myself and talked them down a bit anyway.

Ava was beautiful in her gown and earrings. Everyone had a great time and ate well. Michelle’s sister Danielle and my brother-in-law Jay are great god-parents (almost forgot to mention them). The Steelers beat the Titans. It was a pretty damn good day.


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