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Top 10 Things Ava Does So Cute That She Can Even Make All The Botox Ridden Faces in Hollywood Crack a Smile

Yeah, I'm with it.

10. Sleep: Ava is even cute just laying there doing nothing. When she sleeps she has the most peaceful and innocent look about her. It is also great because it means Michelle and I can communicate like normal adults…well, normal for us.

9.  Discover things: Be it her hands, shapes, or colors. Watching her discover new things and stare at them makes me happy because it allows me to believe that perhaps she won’t be a dolt. We also celebrate like the 1980 hockey olympic team after the USSR game when we see her focus on things further and further away. “Do you see that! That thing she is looking at is like two feet further away than the other thing she was looking at yesterday.”

8. Hold on to my finger when she takes her bottle: This is so cute I want to hit myself in the head with a shovel. The fact that her little hand can barely wrap around one of my fingers is stupid cute. I will get sadder as her hands get bigger.

7. How she stretches her feet and toes as she feeds: As well as holding your finger, Ava will stretch her feet and toes, pointing them straight in the air. I hate feet. My feet. Michelle’s feet. Your Feet. His feet. Her feet. I do not like feet in a shoe. I do not like feet in the zoo. I do not like feet with sox. I do not like the feet of a fox. I do not like the feet of a woman named Pam. I do not like feet Sam I am. However, I have no problem putting my mouth on Ava’s feet and giving her raspberries.

6. Ability to wear anything and look cute: As you can tell from the many pics of Ava I have posted on this blog, Michelle puts a lot of thought and effort into dressing Ava. Outfits are matched properly and are accessorized to perfection. Her flower-addorned caps and headbands are especially cute as hell. All this doesn’t matter though as she can wear a plastic grocery bag and look darling.

5. The face(s) she makes when Frasier licks her: Frasier gets an assist on the cute factor with this one. The sight of any dog giving any baby a kiss would for sure be ridiculously cute. However, Ava makes this occurrence her own by the many faces she makes during the process. As she sees him approaching, she gives a look of “what is that and why is it coming towards my face.” During the lick, Ava gives the same look you or I would give if a homeless person licked our face. After Frasier completes the kiss, Ava’s face usually consists of a puzzled “why is my face all wet” look, followed by a “I’m not happy about this” pout face. Though sometimes she does give a smile.

4. Burp: When I burp, I am disgusting and rude. When Michelle burps, it is not her fault. When Ava burps, it is a huge accomplishment. Ava’s burps, mind you, are almost on scale with mine. They mostly come right after a feeding and you, for some reason, get very excited when it happens. It’s like she just got a perfect score on her SATs or something.

3. Fart: Once again, similar to the above, when I fart I am the lowest form of life. When Ava farts she is the equivalent to an angel with gas. Just wait until they start smelling. Although, the ‘what was that?’ face she makes when a big toot comes is so cute I want to stab my eyeballs with a spork.

2. Wake up: I already discussed this in previous posts, but Ava in the morning is the best thing ever. As Michelle and I crawl out of bed and go to get her, Ava is waiting for us with a big ole’ smile and happily kicking feet. Just when we thought she couldn’t get any cuter, she will then start to…

1. Laugh and giggle: The a-bomb of cuteness. Her face lights up with her mouth smiling from ear to ear, Ava then lets out a joyful squeal followed by a hearty chuckle and a slight giggle to finish it off. If you don’t smile when she does this then you have no soul. Each day she seems to develop a new type of laugh. Seeing her face and listening to her happiness makes me know I am doing something right as a dad. That or she could just be laughing AT me, not with me. In that case, Ava, get in line.


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