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Ava Is Now An Official Member Of The Family

Christmas is only about 39 days away.

For those of you know don’t really know Michelle, know this: She is a Christmas freak. Christmas is like crack to her.

It starts in October. She sees the pumpkins, cornstalks and other various fall treats and starts to get a little gleam in her eye. A chill makes its way into the air. Crisp breezes replace humid air. Out come the Christmas scented candles and Christmas music and movies. Sure, she likes fall and the harvest season, but that is just the appetizer for the main event that is the Christmas season. She thinks about Thanksgiving, which quickly turns into Black Friday, which then turns into holiday shopping. Christmas songs play in stores. Every place you go is decorated with Christmas cheer. Holiday commercials, special edition Christmas mint M&Ms, eggnog, Christmas television specials. Santa in the mall and our annual Christmas party. This time of year for Michelle is like a coke-head died and went to coke-head heaven where clouds were made of angel-dust and rivers run with heroin.

Yesterday on Facebook, Michelle posted her top 10 favorite things about “this time of year” for no apparent reason. Just like a crack-head twitches and scratches for no apparent reason. Lots of people enjoy the holiday season. However, Michelle LIVES for it. The majority of the boxes in our attic are filled with Christmas decorations. We have three fairly large bins full of just ornaments. Getting between Michelle and her celebrating the holiday would be like getting between a bear and it’s cub…not good for you.

This brings us to Ava. She has now, willing or not, been thrown into the mix of Michelle’s holiday plans. What makes Ava now officially part of the family you ask? One might of thought that’s what her birth certificate was for, or even the baptism. No no no. What makes Ava now officially part of the Viola clan is that last night we bought Ava her first Christmas stocking.

Classic red and white design, but with a little flair and is very soft and plush. It is adorned with a blingged out letter ‘A’ on top and has a couple fluffy, dangling tassels hanging off. A quality stocking to say the least. It’s larger than a standard stocking. This was a must as we ARE going to stuff it full with lots of fun stuff for Ava throughout the years.

With Ava, everything becomes new again. Santa comes back to our house now. We get to carry on old family traditions with her. We get to start new family traditions with her. This year she won’t really open any presents or be able to partake in any holiday activities, but she will enjoy looking at the lights and look disgustingly cute in her Christmas pajamas. It’s the small things.

Many like to celebrate “Christmas in July”. Well, this July Christmas did come early for me. Ava was born. She was born healthy and beautiful. I can’t ask for anything more.

You also might have asked yourself, “How does he deal with Michelle and her Christmas obsession?” The answer is simple…I am just as nuts. I make Clark Griswold look like Scrooge. More lights. More decorations. More treats. More presents. More snow. Well, maybe not more snow. It’s the holidays. Enjoy yourself. Go out and have some fun and buy some stuff you don’t need (within reason of course). However, most importantly, enjoy each other. Remind yourself why you may be blessed. Be it family, friends or whatever else makes you happy. Take some time and relax, reflect and slow things down a bit. My advice for you this Christmas season is to spoil yourself by being around the people you love.

Always remember those wise words from Dr. Seuss, “Welcome, Christmas, bring your cheer. Cheer to all Whos far and near. Christmas Day is in our grasp, so long as we have hands to clasp. Christmas Day will always be just as long as we have we. Welcome Christmas while we stand, heart to heart, and hand in hand.”



Michelle just called me and informed me that she bought Ava a tree just for her room. A 3.5 foot, silver lighted tree complete with pink ornaments. It will be put up and displayed within a few hours. It has started.


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One response to “Ava Is Now An Official Member Of The Family

  1. NaNa ⋅

    My sweet son who makes me so proud.. no one can hit the nail on the head as you did with the meaning of X-Mass… I’m so happy that you got it.. and did hear one thing that I would preach to you about holidays as well as anyother time its always all about family, not how much you have to spend, how many gifts you recieved, how much money you need.. but loving and cherrishing your family.. as you get older and look back with raising your own family now .. you will see how much your family will really mean everything to you and Michelle by making Christmas special with traditions and family… I hope and pray that every holiday is the best holiday for my little sweet pea Ava Marie.. I have no doubt especially with her having parents like yourselves. Enjoy your holiday spirit kids!! And Michelle.. enjoy your beautiful new pink and silver Ava Marie X-Mass Tree!!!

    Love you guys so much.. kiss my little sweet pea for me..


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