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Back To Reality

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Michelle, Ava and myself had a great time spending the day with family and eating too much. Michelle and I did some cooking in the morning, then we went against doctor’s orders and had a little TV time as we watched the parade with Ava. Sorry doc, it’s a tradition.

Ava loves her cousins and vice versa. Her cousin Natalie, my sister’s daughter who is a little over one years old, is attached to Ava. Almost to an unhealthy level. She gets upset when someone holds Ava up where she can’t look at her or hold her hand. I’m guessing they will be friends.

Michelle and I are spoiled. We have two great families to spend time with. This means Ava is spoiled as well. It can be a problem as people are telling us some things they bought her for Christmas, Michelle and I are wondering what the hell we are going to do with all that stuff. We have come to the realization that our “starter home” may be coming to its end, especially when we decide to have baby number two. I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

So, Thanksgiving was great and all that jazz, but the big news of the week is that Michelle went back to work and Ava is now going to her daycare lady. Michelle’s first day back was Tuesday, so suffice to say that Monday was a little rough. And by rough I mean rrrroooooouuuugggghhhhhhhhh.

I had it a bit easier because I was already used to leaving for work and coming home at night. My schedule with Ava doesn’t really change other than Michelle and Ava wouldn’t be coming to visit me for lunch anymore (which was the best part of my day). Michelle, however, took it hard. The problem is, and I swear I am not just bragging, Ava is a great baby. She is just perfect for us. She hardly ever cries (if at all), she sleeps 8 hours a night or more (she has been doing that since 2 months), she smiles and laughs all day and she allows you to take her anywhere. Her and Michelle became not only mother and daughter, but they are best friends too.

I kept reminding Michelle that in order for us to give Ava the life she deserves and needs in order to succeed, we needed to both work for now. I told her that Ava will still love her most and won’t forget about her. I told her that it was good for Ava. She would be better socially. She may even develop faster as they do lots of activities. All of this softened the blow some, but the fact was Michelle was upset because she couldn’t hold and kiss Ava all day anymore like she did for the first four months of Ava’s life.

Michelle’s first day back was essentially just eight hours of crying. I have to say though, she was a trooper. She handled it the best she could and I think it’s getting easier for her everyday. Though I don’t think Michelle will ever feel happy about not spending that time with Ava. Our daycare lady is more than capable, it’s just the lost time that hurts the most. That just means though the time we do spend together is higher quality. We spend much more time now doing family type activities and enjoying each others company than we did in the four months leading up to Michelle going back to work.

We also had to adopt a whole new routine. We are up at least an hour and a half earlier. Michelle and I shower and get ready as Ava sleeps (once again, just a pleasant and easy baby to live with). When we are ready and dressed, we go in and wake Ava up by singing her the “good morning” song. Michelle feeds, changes and dresses her as I ready her bag for daycare (bottles, bibs, diapers, wipes, change of clothes, extra formula, etc.). We then all go downstairs and spend some time together in the morning. I drop her off and Michelle picks her up. I actually get to spend more time with Ava now because when Michelle was still home Ava would sleep to 8:30 a.m. and I left for work at 8:00 a.m.

This weekend we are going to Oglebay to let Ava see the lights for the first time. She will love them. One of her favorite things to do at home is stare at our Christmas tree, so Oglebay will be lots of eye candy for her.

***One last note**** Ava made it on No she can’t dunk a ball yet. One of my favorite hockey writers is John Buccigross. He writes a weekly column mostly about hockey, but also family and pop culture stuff. Every week he puts reader submitted pics in at the end of the column. Guess who made an appearance this week!!! Click the link here and scroll to the bottom to see for yourself.


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2 responses to “Back To Reality

  1. NaNa ⋅

    I am so happy that the three of you have your schedules down pack and everyone is happy and handling just fine their daily routine.. I hate changes more than anyone.. but like you said Mike.. as long as you like Ava’s care giver then everything should be just fine.

  2. Michelle ⋅

    This post made me cry…I love our little family sooo much.

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