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She Keeps Rolling On

Over the weekend Ava made another step in her development by rolling over from her back to her belly. I’m one proud daddy.

For weeks she would get to her side, but not go the full monty onto her belly. So we knew it was coming. When she finally did it, Michelle and I cheered so loud that we scared her and made her cry a little.

Just a year ago, hell, just a few months ago I would have never believed I would get so excited and feel such pride over something like this. I guess that is the parenting gene kicking in. Growing up, and early in your life, you really only give a crap about yourself. Anytime anyone else did anything noteworthy you either didn’t care or was pissed they did it before you or better than you.

Friends. Siblings. Teammates. Screw them all if they did something that took attention off of you. You might give them a pat on the back or say “congratulations”, but really you wish you were punching them in the back and after you congratulated them you would say under you breath, “you lucky prick.”

Now, anytime Ava does anything I am over joyed by it. Every new thing is an event I can’t wait to see. I can only imagine what I will be like when she is old enough to actually compete in things, be it softball, volleyball, soccer, spelling bees, or ballet. I’ll make just as big an ass out of myself at a Christmas play as I would a softball game.

“How did that girl get the part of Mary? Come on! Ava got stuck as a damn sheep, meanwhile she could act circles around that girl. No I won’t quiet down Michelle. Just look hon, I’m not afraid to say it, Ava is prettier than that girl playing Mary. We are all thinking it, I’m just the one saying it. What are you looking at sir? Yeah I know that’s your kid, you need to hear this. Go ahead, call the cops, please! Because the only crime happening here is that Ava is up there in a damn Chewbacca outfit instead of playing the mother of Jesus. She is acting the hell out of that part too. For a minute there I actually thought that was a sheep up there, that’s how good Ava’s acting is. That girl playing Mary doesn’t even look like a virgin. Just saying.Get your hands off of me!!!”

With Ava rolling over, we now have a new problem on our hands. She is semi-mobile. This means no more just laying her on the couch or her play mat as we run in another room real quick to get something. Her next step is crawling, which means full mobility and a need for complete surveillance on our part. Stairs will have to be gated. Corners will have to be padded. Breakables will have to be out of reach.

In reward of her new-found mobility, Santa is bringing Ava her first pair of tennis shoes. A sharp looking pair of baby Pumas. The are so cute I want to hit myself over the head with them.


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2 responses to “She Keeps Rolling On

  1. NaNa ⋅

    YeeeePeeeee.. you go Ava girl… you go!!!

  2. Luke

    I doubt you were ever close to being as selfish as you suggest -but it was funny none-the-less. Your future heckling had me “rolling” and I’ve been walking for years…

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