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Ava Can Live In West Virginia

Yet another sign has come to pound the fact i my head that Ava is a rapidly growing girl…her first tooth is poking through.

Michelle and I have expected for a few weeks now as Ava has been drooling a lot and sucking on her fist. Both signs of teething. However, in usual Ava fashion, she shows no signs of discomfort (i.e. crying, sleeping less, not eating, fussiness, etc.). Are these symptoms to come later as more teeth protrude? Maybe, maybe not. So far Ava has never been a “by-the-book” baby when it came to stuff that should have made her cry or be miserable.

So she has one little tooth coming up from the bottom row. Right in front. Michelle and I’s first question to each other was, “Do we brush it?”

Anyone? Maybe that’s a question for the doctor. It’s the questions like this which make parenting interesting. The little tid-bits that come along and catch you off guard. Feeding, changing, baths…that’s all the easy stuff. It’s the stuff you never thought to think of that really make you scratch your head. I’m kind of glad her teeth are starting to come in. There is just something about a toothless mouth and gummy smile that freaks me out a bit.

Ava will be five months old in two days, which means one more month until baby food and cereal can be introduced. Michelle is very excited about this. She already cleared out shelf in our pantry and filled it with food for Ava. Michelle actually did that a month or two ago when she thought she could start introducing that to Ava earlier. When the doctor said Ava was doing just fine on her milk and it was unneccessary to start food just yet, it was like telling Michelle Christmas was canceled.

I’m not sure how long it takes for babies to get their full set of teeth, but I assume Ava will be looking like a West Virginia resident for at least the next few months. That’s OK though, I’ll just pretend she is a hockey player.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate Michelle one more time on receiving her masters degree this weekend. I am very proud of her. She did it in less than a year, while working full-time and being pregnant/a new mom. Ava had a great time cheering for her mommy this past Saturday and taking all kind of pictures with her.


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One response to “Ava Can Live In West Virginia

  1. NaNa ⋅

    We are all so very proud of our Michelle.. if you two are excited and thrilled about our babys first little tooth coming in.. wait until they start falling out when she is around 6!! No you don’t brushed it.. you don’t have to worry about that until she is about 3 years of age… I still have in a special glass case your baby teeth Mike.. and both your sisters baby teeth.. all mixed up together.. and sorry to have to tell you this now Mike but .. there truly is not a tooth fairy.. unless you want to believe that I am the tooth fairy .. I was the one who left you the $1 under your pillow!

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