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What A Year!

I know I am a few days late on this, but happy new year. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and now we can look forward to three months of terrible weather here in Pittsburgh.

As usual, Michelle and I (and Ava) celebrated with family and as usual having Ava with us made everything feel new and fresh.

From Halloween through new years day, Michelle and I reminded each other, “Remember last year when we told each other that, ‘This time next year we will have Ava to celebrate with us.’ and now here we are. Isn’t that crazy how time flies?” It is crazy, but I guess you had to be there when we said it to get the full impact of the craziness of that statement because reading back over it, we just sound like a couple of simpletons.

2011 was a great year obviously, with Ava’s birth being the main event. However, stemming off of that I think Michelle and I really grew as people and as a couple in 2011. Having a kid will do that I suppose, but I definitely feel we are closer than ever and our relationship/marriage is as strong as it ever has been. (“Please hold your applause” [takes his bow])

Once again, Ava’s birth was the reason for this. Sure, frustration still gets the best of us at times and we still might argue and bicker, but the trivial stuff that used to ruffle our feathers no longer seems to matter. We are big picture people now. We have a new focus. Priorities have been re-shuffled.

That’s not to say that having a baby will solve any relationship’s problems. That is never the case. For us though, Ava coming along was sort of like gilding the lily.

I am hoping 2012 will be calm and easy-going year. 2011 was great, but it was also hectic. There was Ava’s birth, planning the shower, going to the birth classes, preparing the house, taking Ava the beach before she was two months old (it was more stressful than you think), planning the baptism, dealing with Michelle who was dealing with going back to work, fitting in all the “baby’s first” stuff around the holidays and finding the right daycare.

Yikes, I’m stressed again just thinking about all of that.

However, 2012 does involve its fair share of events. Ava’s first birthday comes to mind. I also think Michelle and I will have to have the “when do we start trying again” discussion [gulp].

I am also looking forward to a bunch of stuff this year. Ava will be bigger and able to enjoy more activities. I plan on taking her to several zoos and museums. Hopefully we can get back to the beach where she can better enjoy the sand instead of just laying in a tent. I know Michelle is looking forward to starting Ava on cereal, fruit and veggies in a couple of weeks.

Whatever 2012 holds for us, and you the reader, I hope it is nothing but good things. I also want to once again thank you all for reading and supporting this blog. I really appreciate all the positive feedback, as well as your interest in my baby girl. God bless and here’s to a happy and healthy new year.

*Make sure to check back tomorrow as I will tell you a story that will either make you piss your pants laughing or get grossed out to the point where you throw-up a little in your mouth. Happy new year! 


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I was just a guy, now I am going to be a dad. *gulp*

One response to “What A Year!

  1. NaNa ⋅

    Wonderful post as usual Mike.. but one thing I do have to say is “YOU ALREADY SHOULD BE TRYING FOR NUMBER 2”!! And to make this year more stressful than last.. make it TWINS!! love you son! …

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