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Where is the ‘slow down’ button

In earlier blog posts I have stated that I couldn’t wait for Ava to grow-up some so we could do more stuff with her.

I officially take that back. She is growing too fast. No sir, I don’t like it.

I realized this after I put her in her car seat yesterday. A car seat that seems to be shrinking. She used to fit in it like it was an oversized cocoon. Now her legs are nearly hanging over the end.

Ava was weighed just a couple of days ago at 16 pounds, 9 ounces. Mind blowing. With a birth weight of 8 pounds 3 ounces, she has officially doubled in size.

I have grown to really like baby Ava. I like being able to cradle her in my arms. Looking at her little button face. Having her lay across my chest at night.  Her not being able to tell me, “I hate you” or “Go to hell.” It’s all good stuff.

I don’t know how it happened. One minute we were swaddling her and dressing her in teeny-tiny little outfits, then the next thing I know we are buying size 3 diapers and storing away clothes that don’t fit her anymore. She has teeth. She is rolling. She is eating baby food. She is on the verge of being able to sit-up without help. She is recognizing things, mastered her hand/eye coordination, and is developing her own little personality.

She is developing very nicely…and it’s terrible.

Before long she will be walking and talking, and wanting to go play with her friends. I hate the thought of it all, it makes me sick. How dare she grow independent!

We will never get this time back. I am starting to realize now how it is that fathers can never stop seeing their daughters as their ‘little girls’. To me, Ava is always going to be that sweet little baby that falls asleep over my shoulder. The girl I rocked to sleep every night by singing to her. The little angel that puked all over mommy’s face.

The kicker is that in just 10 days Ava will be six months old. It blows me away how much she has developed and changed in just half a year. What will she be like in another six months? two years? 10 years? I need to lay down.

The funny thing is that even though Ava has only been with us for six moths, it feels like she has been with us for six years. It is honestly hard to remember what life was like before her. Sure, Michelle and I were probably in better shape, had a bigger bank account, could go out whenever and wherever we wanted, were able to spoil each other, stay up late and do things on a whim. But were we happy?

Yes, actually, we were happy. But were we fulfilled? Yes, very much so. I’m not sure where I am going with this. I’m not one of those people who think that you’re not compete unless you have a kid, in fact, there are many, many, MANY people who shouldn’t even think of procreation. You know, the type of people who slam on the brakes before entering a tunnel or any of the people who appear on reality television.

The point is having Ava filled a void we didn’t know we had and turned us into people we didn’t know we wanted to be. And now we are addicted.

Just like Ricky Bobby preferred baby Jesus, for now at least, I prefer baby Ava.


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One response to “Where is the ‘slow down’ button

  1. NaNa ⋅

    I love how much you two are enjoying Ava… it just warms my heart on how much you appreciate everything she does..

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