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The Plague Has Hit

It’s been an interesting past few days at the Viola homestead.

Sunday afternoon Michelle came down with one of those 48 hour stomach bugs. So I was on my own with Ava all day Sunday and Monday. I handled every diaper change, every feeding, gave her baths, did her laundry, read to her, played with her and juggled her needs with anything else I had to get done. Just short of 48 hours. Me, Ava and a big brown dog.

Am I saying I am special because I did something most other mothers (and some fathers) do on a daily basis? No. However, I am proud of the fact I did it and the situation didn’t turn into a total train wreck. Plus Ava stayed in one piece. So I got that going for me…which is nice.

The only thing I really had trouble with was finding what drawers Ava’s clothes were in. No matter how many times Michelle tells me what drawers hold what clothes, I can never remember. Mainly because I don’t really pay 100 percent attention [Translation: I don’t pay attention]. We’ll be in her room, Michelle will say, “Mike I am putting Ava’s [insert important item of clothing here] in this drawer.”, and I will give an, “uh huh” while tuning out after the word “Mike”.

In my defense, my daughter is distractingly cute.

So how does Michelle thank me after taking care of Ava, as well as doing my best to nurse her as well? Well, Monday night I started puking. That night I ate spaghetti for dinner. If I was ever on Fear Factor and had to eat worms, I now know how it would feel to puke them back up.

I am finally feeling normal today. Michelle and I are praying that Ava doesn’t catch this bug to the extent that we had it. So far, so good. If there is a bright side to all of this, it is that we got sick in the beginning of the week because Michelle’s birthday is on Friday and we plan on going to a nice meal. I’m guessing Michelle wouldn’t have been too excited for me or her to be spending that day on the bathroom floor asking God for mercy.

In other Ava news since you last visited, she is now not only rolling from back to belly, but from her belly back to her back (too many backs). Ava is also able to sit-up in certain seats. She has recently been enjoying her activity jumper. I look at her in it and think to myself, “I wish I could enjoy something as much as she enjoys that jumper.” Then I realize she has the same look on her face I get when I walk into a bakery or head to the Hofbrauhaus.

Lastly, in three days Ava will be six months old (mind-boggling). Which means in 6 more months will be her first birthday. Michelle has already reserved the venue. Since Ava’s birthday is in July, we are competing with graduations, other birthdays, reunions, BBQs, etc. From what Michelle has been telling me what she is wanting to do, Ava’s birthday will make the Oscars look like the BET Awards some half-assed, tacky celebration.


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2 responses to “The Plague Has Hit

  1. Caity ⋅

    I also learned during my 20 weeks of nausea that pasta is not very pleasant to throw up. Neither is cereal. Glad you’re feeling better.

  2. NaNa ⋅

    Well my son.. when you came over to see me on Sunday with Ava to give Michelle her break she had no choice in having and desperatly deserves.. the kiss that you gave me to say good-bye mom.. put me flat on my back.. I thought you poisoned me! I started not to be within 10 feet of the toilet Monday morning and I still feel like a truck hit me and dragged me about 100 feet. I was off work all week.. Today just feeling like jello and toast with GinerAle I’m heading at least in the right direction.. and yes Scott just as you did .. had to take care of all the fur kids.. yes Mike to your one little girl.. Scott had to care of all 12 of the dogs and might I add the 4 puppies that are a full time job!! Hope all is feeling much better and I doubt that Ava will get this horrible intestinal bug that we all have..

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