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Ava’s First Hockey Game

At eight months old Ava made it to her second professional sporting event.

The first time she was at a pro sporting event was last September when we took her to a Buccos game. She was about two and a half month old. Our seats were right on the visitors (Cincinnati Reds) dugout and Dusty Baker threw us a game ball after I yelled to him that is was Ava’s first game.

I don’t remember if we won or lost that game. It doesn’t matter. We had a great time as a family.

Fast forward about six months or so and Ava is headed for her first Pens game. I have been waiting for this moment since Michelle told me she was prego. I could have taken her to a game earlier in the season, but the dad in me waited for a game that would have warmer weather and longer light since we would have to walk and stand in line outside the arena.

Michelle did what she does best. Ava was dressed to the nines for the occasion. Needless to say I made sure she had the right gear. Michelle, the grandparents and her aunts make sure Ava has the cutest outfits. Baby Gap. Carters. Dresses. Flowers for her hair. Hats. All the things that make you want to pinch her cheeks.

What clothes are my responsibility? Pens gear, Steeler gear, Bucco gear and Pitt gear. NO PINK JERSEYS!!!!!! If the players don’t wear them, you don’t wear them. Nothing says “I’m a  serious sports fan” like a pink jersey with rhinestones. Not in my household.

All day I was like a kid before Christmas. I was looking forward to going to the game like Frasier looks forward to going to the dog park. When I got home and saw how cute Ava looked in her outfit I nearly fell down the steps. Look at those the pics below, can you blame me? I know I’m gushing…..but come on.

Once at the arena, Ava’s eyes never closed. Too much to look at and take it. Her head was on a swivel. The lights. The sounds. The people. The colors. Best part of it all…she watched the game, kinda. Well, she probably was watching the thingies (players) moving around fast on the ice down in front of her, but I’m not going to nit-pick. I’ll take that. She loved all the LED displays and the jumbotron. She loved looking through the crowd. Not once did she fuss or cry.

However, there was one moment where she teared up some. It was on the Pen’s third goal. I was afraid that when we scored, she would get jolted as everyone jumps up and screams while the goal horn blasts. I figured that sudden burst of sound and movement would scare her. It didn’t on the first two, but the third one got her. But after a quick kiss from mommy and daddy, everything was all better.

Also at the game with us was her Uncle Dave. Ava made sure to thank him for his gift of a Penguins stuffed puppy dog. She loves it…it looks like Frasier. She also seemed to be obsessed with his beard, so now I decided to get Ava a Chia-pet. Mommy and daddy also bought Ava a puck too to go with her baseball.

The attendance last night at the arena was announced at 18,588. A SRO sellout. I’m pretty sure that at least half those people let us know how cute Ava was. Michelle and I spent most of our time taking pictures and trying to get her on the jumbotron. Wasn’t much of a game to watch anyway. The Pens lost 5-3, and that makes it sound closer than what it was. Once again, doesn’t matter. We all had a great time.

We’ll get that win next time!


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  1. NaNa ⋅

    So precious.. I just love the photos!!!

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