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Where Has The Time Gone

It’s been a while since my last post. My apologies. Life moves fast and keeps me busy.

Ava’s over 10 months old now and her 1 year is rapidly approaching. I’ll save the “year in review” and ‘how my life has changed’ post for later, but I must say my life has never been better since Ava has arrived.

Michelle is on summer vacation and has started the party planning for Ava’s first. Thankfully she will be on summer break starting next week because planning this party will be a full-time job.

As for Ava, she is developing faster than ever. Most notably, she has been crawling, been pulling herself up to stand and she is feeding herself quite nicely. I was so pumped the day I made pasta with my homemade sauce and was able to give some to Ava to eat. Ava also has more teeth than most West Virginia inhabitants.

Eating my pasta for the first time is yet another step in her becoming an ‘official’ family member. Just as Catholicism has baptism, confession, holy communion and confirmation as ways to become officially accepted into the church, I have a similar process for becoming an official Viola family member.

So far Ava has been baptized in the ocean waters of the Outer Banks. She has confessed that she is a Pittsburgh sports fan when I took her to her first Pens game and wrapped her in a Terrible Towel mere hours after birth. And now she has had her first family communion when she ate my pasta.

As of late, Ava has also been developing a bit of a diva attitude. She has figured out that her mommy and daddy are able to be manipulated and has been training us for about two months now. Determined to curb this type of behavior, Michelle has declared this to be the summer of ‘Hard Knocks’ for Ava, determined to whip her into shape with tough love and stern parenting. My money is on Ava. Michelle is tough, but Ava is Ava after all.

It’s going to be a busy summer for them. Michelle has a bunch of activities lined up. Music classes. Dance classes. Reading activities. The works. Thus is the life of a child with a proper teacher as a parent.

Yesterday was Michelle’s last day of school for this school year. I took off to be with Ava for the day so she didn’t have to go to daycare. Ava has recently had an ear infection so she had a follow-up appointment that I took her to. The appointment was at 10:45. After getting Ava dressed, fed and bag packed, as well as making sure Frasier was taken care of, I was out the house by 10:20. More than enough time. But then I hit construction traffic. I pulled into the parking lot at 10:45. I went to get Ava out of her car seat and found that she pooped. This was to be expected. I prayed that she would hold off on pooping until after her appointment, but apparently God wasn’t listening to poop prayers that day and I imagine he instead turned his attention to other, be they slightly more important, worldly problems such as wars and illness.

Anyway, by the time Ava was changed I was running about 10 minutes behind. Ava’s doctor is located on Rt.19 in Mt.Lebanon in the uptown area. To try and make up time I carried Ava and started running to the doctor’s office. As I bolted down Rt.19 with Ava in my arms and a diaper bag around my shoulder, I couldn’t help but think of the other people looking at me and thinking that there may be the possibility that I kidnapped Ava from someone and was making my get-a-way.

That all for now. Good to be back. Talk to you later gators.


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One response to “Where Has The Time Gone

  1. NaNa ⋅

    I really missed these post! This one I laughed all the way through.. really enjoyed it!!! We had a wonderful Nana and Ava time together yesterday.. she is getting so attached to me and cries when I leave the room now.. feels good to know someone loves you!! Can’t wait to see you guys up at the Cabin soon!! And if I were you, remember to bring up lots of extra clothes for the Diva.. we don’t have a washer/dryer for those poop times…lol..

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