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This Blog and the Viola Name Marches On

gty_kotter_watn_3_mr_120815_sshI’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

I’ve been gone a little while, but much like that high school crush you never quite got over, you have been wishing I would come back into your life. I’m back and better than ever. Consider this an early Christmas gift. I figured the cast of ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’ would be an appropriate image to welcome you back to.

Most of you know the good news by now. Michelle and I are pregnant again! We figured our lives weren’t complicated enough, so we went for the extra point and converted it on our first try. Thank you for the applause.

I must say Michelle and I form a great team for making babies. We are like chemistry lab partners in high school. We both know our roles. She does all the reading and studying. She does all the prep work, note taking, lab area clean-up and the majority of the work during the lab time. I show up just as things are starting, ask her what should I be doing and then leave before the bell rings. Then at the end of the semester when the experiments are concluded and the results are finalized, I show up and take equal credit for her hard work and labor.

One of the first things people told me after finding out Michelle was prego again is if i would start this blog again. The answer was, “yes…of course.” I was thinking down the road. I didn’t want Baby V part deux to come to me in 15 years asking why they didn’t have a blog and that Ava is favorite, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I figure I will have a bunch to write about. Even though we are currently raising, in my biased opinion, a future world superstar, I kinda think I forgot exactly what it takes to deal with a newborn. So I’m sure hilarity will ensue there.

Back to Baby V part deux.

This past weekend we had a gender reveal party. We went for the ultrasound in late November and figured we could have our annual Christmas party as the venue for the gender reveal. However, Michelle’s sister Danielle was selfishly getting married on December 7th (…a date which will live in infamy…”yeah, we get it Mike, we heard you the first time”…I got that a lot. Some people don’t enjoy bad jokes like I do) so we had to push our party back to the 15th.

Nearly three weeks we went without knowing the gender when we could have. Three weeks of looking at the sealed envelope and trying to justify to ourselves why it would be okay for us to look and not tell anyone. Three weeks of Michelle having dreams about what gender the cake said it would be. Each dream resulting in different outcomes and each dream getting her more and more emotional.

By the way, we revealed the gender with a colored cake. You would be surprised how hard it was to find a baker that was willing to color the cake batter and not just the middle icing layer. After several bakers, Bethel Bakery was willing to do it for us and they did a great job. Better than we ever imagined. I have to give them a shout out here.

The couple of days leading up to the party, Michelle had dreams of people knocking over the cake, eating the cake before we cut into it, Frasier eating the cake, and us cutting into the cake that had no coloring on the inside. As family and friends came into the house, Michelle warned that anyone who even looks at the cake in the wrong way would be handled with extreme prejudice. Everyone seemed to eat a little bit faster as to get to the cake that much quicker. All night predictions were being made. Boy. Girl. Girl. Boy. I only was hoping for a healthy baby. That’s all I want.

If you are still in the dark on what we are having, click here for the video. Some warning, things got a little loud. It sounds like we won the lottery or something….I guess we did.

cake boy


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One response to “This Blog and the Viola Name Marches On

  1. Joshua Lee ⋅

    Congratulations Mike! I know that you guys will be exceptional parents to both of your children. I will say though boys come with there own brand of crazy. It’s so much fun!!!

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