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Why Hello There Good Sir

2013-02-27 17.36.09I’m worse at this blogging thing lately than Wile E. Coyote was at catching the Road Runner. I am less reliable than a broken watch. Vinny is just a short couple months away from being here and I need to get these blog posts out so he doesn’t resent me down the road and become a crack head just to spite me.

I have been working feverishly on getting his room ready, as well as Ava’s ‘big girl’ room.  Thankfully my employer realized I would need a lot of time at home to prepare for the new baby so she decided to retire and close the company. I have all the time I need now. I have been spending my days hanging out with an 18 month old and hitting up story times and museums. There is nothing like being the only dad in a room full of moms at a story time, it’s like being a hair in the potato salad. Nobody is sure how you got there and they are all trying to figure out who you belong to.

Don’t worry about me. I am LOVING my time home with Ava as I wait for the right job to present itself. I see it as a blessing. If it was up to Michelle I wouldn’t go back at all. She says the house hasn’t run this smooth since it was just me and her. My buddy and I are also working on starting up our own marketing/branding agency, so the future is looking swell. ( if you want to check it out)

Enough about that, back to the kids. Ava is growing more beautiful  and intelligent by the day. It’s weird, we can actually talk with her now. Before she was just a less hairy version of a primate or something. She looked enough like a human, but really  all she did was eat, poop and make random sounds. Now she is like an actual human. We can talk with her and she answers. She figures things out by herself, sometimes too quickly. Michelle and I have to really, really watch what we do now because she imitates like a champ.

Ava also does the cutest thing on the face of the Earth. She very much want’s to meet her brother. She will run up and point to Michelle’s tummy and say, “baby”. She will then hug and kiss Michelle’s belly. It’s so cute and just want to take a bite out of her. I can’t stand it. Another disgustingly cute thing Ava does that melts my heart like ice cream in the desert is when I rock her to bed and she finishes her bottle. She will hand the bottle to me, put her hands on both sides of my head and then hug and kiss me before she lays her head down. It makes me want to grab a hammer and hit myself over the head with it. It’s so cute it should be illegal.

Ava got to see her brother earlier this week when we went for a 4D sonogram. As you can see above, the images are amazing. Many of his features remind me of Ava. His nose. His lips. His chin. Handsome little devil he is. With his mother’s looks and his father’s charm, I will warn you now, mothers lock up your daughters… 15-20 years.

Sitting there and seeing your baby as  they project it up on the wall is such a thrill. Then I look over at Michelle’s belly and I can’t believe how all of that handsomeness is contained in her baby bump. A true miracle. As you experience a pregnancy first hand, you really start to realize that there might be higher powers at work. It’s mind-boggling.

The sonogram verified three  important points. One, he is definitely a boy and is very healthy (knock on wood). Two, he has lots and lots of hair. Three, that discomfort Michelle was feeling where it felt like a foot was under her ribs was in fact Vinny’s foot under her ribs.

Just like Ava, we had them record his heartbeat and place it inside a cute stuffed animal, so every time you squeeze it, you hear the little man’s heart. As daddy says every time I hear little man’s heartbeat, “Strong like bull.”

I’m glad I’m having  a boy this time. Not because of any male ego thing, but just because it will be nice to know I now have a partner to help me kick the shit out of any boyfriends Ava decides to bring home.


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One response to “Why Hello There Good Sir

  1. Nana ⋅

    I’m so happy you are writing again… just loved it.. read it over and over again.. and yes best advice is.. don’t ever play favorites… do for one and not the other.. lol.. keep up your blogging.. and I seriously think you should think about this …and maybe start writing children’s “sports” books.. like I said seriously think about it.. the book would be called “Ava at bat” and you follow her through her playing either softball, soccer , hockey etc.. a cute large character of Ava experiencing being on different sport teams.. and Vinny also.. kids can relate to this because they all are on many sport teams now a days.. you have the time now at home.. and you have the talent..

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