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The Shoes Make The Girl

883368_10200898854852599_192162994_oAnother sign that Ava is growing up faster than I would like has occurred. Her Pumas, I’m sad to say, have been shelved.

They were her signature look. No matter what she was wearing, be it a sporty outfit or some cute girly number, the Pumas were on. They added panache and attitude to any ensemble. When anyone would see or meet her, it usually went something like this, “Oh, she is so cute…and look at those little shoes. Oh my gosh.”

Ava learned to walk in those shoes. They were a Christmas present from Frasier. He saved up all his pennies so he could afford them. He got a real good deal. Now I need to figure out what to do with them. Should I bronze them? Hang them from my rear view? Have Ava sign them and then enclose them in glass? If I enclose them in glass and Ava developes my sense of humor, I can see her showing them off when she is older and quoting Forrest Gump, “Mama says they was magic shoes. They could take me anywhere.”

I’ve tried to find another pair of Pumas for her, but no go. Couldn’t find a similar pair. All others seem to be fugly looking or they cost waaaaaaaay too much. So Frasier got her a pair of Nikes last Christmas. He says he got another good deal, but I’m starting to think these things are falling off the back of trucks. Frasier has been hanging out with a lot of Pit Bulls and Rottweilers lately, and one real ratty looking chihuahua that’s missing an ear and most of its hair. A real shady crew that I’m not too happy about. Anyway, the Nikes have a real fly look, but they still aren’t her Pumas. Oh well, they were nice while they lasted.

In other news, Vinny will be here in less than six weeks. Just the thought of it makes me want to crap my pants. This pregnancy flew. Though I know Michelle is more than ready to have this kid makes his grand entrance. At this point Michelle would be more comfortable wearing a wool jacket at the beach while wearing shoes made of barbed wire. We are pretty sure Vinny is going to be a biggins.

The clock is also ticking of finishing their rooms. Ava’s big girl room is essentially finished. We just need to put the finishing touches on the decorating. Vinny’s room is what still needs the bulk of the work. I plan on knocking most the work out this weekend. Ain’t no thang but a chicken wing on a string.

I am also very excited about the double stroller we bought. We got it at the Snuggle Bugs consignment sale. We also sold some items so we could shop before the general public is allowed, a perk for those who participate in the sale. When we got there was a bit of a line waiting to get in. It felt like black Friday. While waiting in line, I was game planning and seeing who I might have to knock over and who I might have to stay away from (some of these women looked rough). As we entered I ran over to the strollers and quickly realized two things. Number one, no one else was really going for the strollers. And number two, I was the only one running. Either way, mission accomplished. We got a great stroller in new condition and saved around $150. F*#k yeah! As a parent, I found that what I get excited about now has changed.

This thing is a beauty. Fully loaded. A true family cruiser. It is also a bit of a boat as it is a front and back double stroller. Because of its length and black and white color scheme, I have officially dubbed it “The Caddy”. I’m going to have to get a Cadillac emblem to stick on the front.

A father’s job is never done.


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