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Man to Man Coverage

168287_938361674105_1300389748_nHaving a kid is tough. No doubt. It’s rewarding for sure, but man is it tough.

Having two kids, especially ones who are close in age, is at times downright torture.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. Very much so. I love being a dad. No regrets. It’s just a real motherf#%ker some times dealing with them. That’s all.  Most parents can relate.

That’s why when it comes to raising kids, you really need to approach it as a team. I have no idea how single parents do it. I don’t even want to. There are two of us and it still takes a whole bunch of game-planning.

When we had just Ava, we were able to both attack her and have her in a 2-on-1 double-coverage. If I failed my defensive assignment, Michelle would be there to recover for me. It was nice having that security and Ava usually never stood a chance. Though she could at times break coverage with her heart-melting skills.

Then Vinny came along. Double coverage was no longer an option. We had to reevaluate our game plan. The choice was obvious, we had to convert to man-to-man coverage. For the most part, Michelle has Vinny and I cover Ava. Pretty favorable match-ups.

However, switching to man-coverage makes things a little tougher. I no longer can completely depend on Michelle to cover for me if I faulter in my D. If Ava shakes me off, Michelle is left covering 1-on-2, and that is a recipe for defeat. Granted, Michelle has the skills and ability to pull it off. She does every time I go to work. However, I’m worried about her working too hard and going on the DL.  Everyday when I come home from work, I make sure to come in as relief, but most days she doesn’t want to come out of the game.

Michelle is a star. A five-tool player who can excel at any position. She’s the type of talent that makes her teammates look better. I am the Kunitz to her Crosby. The Pippen to her Jordan. The Rob Brown to her Lemiuex. She is the face of the franchise and we have her signed on a long-term contract.

After two months, we have adjusted pretty well using the man-to-man. Defensive lapses are few and far between. The problem is what do we do if/when a third offensive threat comes? The obvious answer is that we have to drop into zone-coverage. Forget man-to-man. We’ll just have to let the kid’s roam free and take care of them when they come into our coverage area. Hopefully by then, Ava will be older and we can recruit her on to our side. Not sure of our cap space, but I think we can offer her an allowance that may tempt her to make a move.

At night is when our defensive scheme gets tricky. That’s when Michelle and I have to go into press coverage. Dinner, baths and bed time is a stress. Vinny isn’t as bad at this time and Michelle usually neutralizes him. Ava is where our best efforts are focused. After she eats and gets bathed, she usually tries to pull an audible to stay up. Michelle and I, after months of conditioning, take on her best efforts and are usually successful getting her to bed with an all-out blitz package on our part.

I guess covering the kids now is the easy part. It’s when they’re teenagers that things will get real tough. We are only getting older and they will be in their prime. I’m afraid of them outrunning our coverage. Hopefully, we’ll raise them that we all end up on the same team by then. If not, I guess I’ll have to start with steroid injections to keep up. Anyone know Bonds’ number?


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